Wednesday, January 23, 2008

From the 'Hood - Workplace

Right side of my work space, where 92% of The Action takes place. Left side of my work space.
My nemesis, the copy machine! MuthaBolts. And then some! Close-up of a tie-off. A Posse of Pails -- old fashioned transport system! A patchwork quilt of railroad tie ends. This Week's Third Favorite Shot: Twister, anyone? Not a clue what these are, but I don't care -- to me, they're just MuthaPolka Dots! The Ever Friendly & Welcoming Razor Wire! Auger/core drill bit graveyard. This Week's First Runner Up Shot: Ghostly auger blade. Core drill bit. I love the edge on this! Talk about your MuthaDrill Bit! (for our augers) Socket wrenches! This week's favorite shot: Big D's shoes (he's our head mechanic).


Veronica said...

oh I love seeing where you work at... yeah I have my eyes back
is that the clipboard i made you????? wait until you get the new one

Veronica said...

now that is the weirdest screen saver I have ever seen