Saturday, January 12, 2008

Beauty Hunt

Spent some time this morning emailing, checking blogs, and working on a surprise project for a new blog friend, Mercedes. But I've got one heavy heart and one very restless bootie -- I gotta get out for a while. I look around for the Cat Posse of One -- eesh. Blimey. Pretty obvious she's already decided how she's going to spend her next couple of hours. C'mon, Zoe, you sure you don't want to go with me? "No, no, really, I mean it -- you go on without me," C-Poo insists. Pffft. Fine! Anyway, my youngest male child decides he will go with me [terms: I feed him. He drives.] I need to GO FIND BEAUTY, so I agree in a flash!!!

Meanwhile, I'm inspired from the top of my head to the tips of my toes by the photography (& subject matter) of Ms. Corey Amaro, and I am going to do my very utmost to do a Corey imitation today. Destination: The French Bee, but first to the little Chinese buffet just next door, to feed myself and my youngest male child, stuff him full, make him groggy & sluggish so he'll be patient while I shoot pictures. [For Phoenicians and/or Arizonans who love a gorgeous antique store, The French Bee is located at 2324 East Indian School Road in Phoenix, NW corner of Indian School and 24th Street. Tel: (602) 955-4158 Email: ] We are greeted by rows of concrete rectangular planter boxes in front, abloom & ablaze with greens and colorful posies -- and FLEUR DE LIS! ... sigh. Whenever I enter a shop bearing my MuthaCam (or other camera), my eyes immediately go UP, because I'm hoping for chimes or mobiles. But The French Bee ceiling is a veritable hanging garden of chandeliers. Amazingly carved candlestick, mirror, and huge saturated red blooms -- heart-color (my heart today, for sure). Glistening, moist-seeming lacquered reds. Delicious! Gasp! This piece is spectacular! The carving, the color, the lustre, the texture! Ooh, I love this rich wood, the white roses (even though, once again, I get too close!) A wee white china bird. (I do so love birds.) My favorite kind of glassware, anywhere, this Moroccan-patterned glass. Murano. Venetian glass. To think I've actually been to the Island of Murano, off Venice, where this glass is made, been IN the big room of ovens where the glass craftsmen worked, seen some of this process! Close-up of an antique armoire door. [I think this is my best shot of them all, today.] Isn't she lovely? so delicate, fresh, wide-open gaze. This alone is what I would have purchased for myself, today, if a purchase had been my intent. Incredible, inventive, unique floral arrangements on every surface, in every corner - my breath is taken away! Chandliers hang like ripe fruit from the ceilings in this brilliantly arranged shop. This bunny reminds me immediately of Mom, her trip to Beatrix Potter's home, and Peter Rabbit. Another small white bird, French serving dish, memories of Monet's kitchen. Flower arrangements droop over and preen their reflections in the glass top of a wrought iron stand. That's Madame Diva to you, Poppet! A topiary stands side-by-side with a very Napoleonesque-shaded lamp. A tapestry pillow, but such waifish, fragile-seeming warriors. It seems the pillow might offer better protection! A row of votives, awaiting candles, and a graceful hand with a longstick match to light them. And on my way out, two of these beautiful creatures find me. They kneel together, sisters perhaps? facing one another. & now I start crying.
Serenity, calm, unselfconscious repose in a bath of warm sunlight. Quiet, but purposeful hands.
Speak for me, Miss Angelita? Will you please? [Simple request, instant uplifted soul within me.] I feel better, too, seeing her face, in the full-on sunlight, as I exit.

Thanks for waiting, Kev!


Veronica said...

Beautiful pictures and what a handsome young man. So you fed him and he waited for you now that is love.