Monday, January 28, 2008

Update: Kevin's Hand, & A Button Fairy Mermaid

Well, my youngest son visited the hand specialist today with Double BB. Turns out young son made quite an unexpectedly large mess of his pinkie finger. Tomorrow he'll have to have surgery -- and the breaks are bad enough that the surgeon can't tell until he gets inside if pins will be sufficient, or if the bones will require screws. [Kev's finger, it seems, is hanging by a tendon & an ace-bandage wrapping. Oh holy ooogers & how-to-gag-your-mother, Kid!] After surgery, Kevin will have a big gauze cartoon bubble hand for two weeks, which must remain elevated above the level of his heart (we're currently on a mission to collect old pillows - got any?)-- followed by 4-6 weeks in either a cast, or a specialized glove/wrap thingie. And a sling, either way. Then physical therapy looms. NO USE OF LEFT HAND UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, so the poor kid doesn't even get to drive my truck (stick shift) ... he's trying to build up his driving time hours toward getting his license. Not only that, Double BB stopped by Urgent Care for himself, for this wicked cough he's had now for a few days, fever, chills ... he has bronchitis and an infection, so he's drugged up but good and down for the count. My poor fellas. My poor poor fellas.


Meanwhile, back at The Crafting Ranch: Miss V proposed a wee challenge, and I sorely needed a break from paper. My button fairy is a mermaid (big surprise) -- but I didn't like a single thing I tried for her fins, so instead she & I are in agreement that the fins had to go to the dry cleaners after a busy party weekend!


Denise S. said...

Oh Toni that is so awful about your sons little finger. Hopefully they can get him in there and get it all fixed up and in a few weeks good as new. My oldest has screws in his ankle from his days in high school football.

I just love your mermaid button fairy. i made one today. I had a heck of a time finding things to use to make it as as DH is remodeling a room for me for arts and such. My supplies are buried and boxed for the most part right now.

Veronica said...

That mermaid fairy is totally amazing. great idea and oh so you. Simply beautiful

Teresa K. said...

So sorry to hear about your son's finger. I hope the healing process is quick and uneventful. BTW, you've been tagged. (Sorry, I didn't see that you've already been through the tagging process) With all of this going on, do you even have time for tag games?

Love your button fairy - in fact, I love your art, it's beautiful!