Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I think I'm wasting my time with this blog. I mean, everything I do or think about doing is being done already, 'out there in bloglandia', and done better or already done as well as it can be done. I've spent all morning today on another blog-surf and I keep re-realizing/validating this impression of mine, about my blog. Not really feeling the whole purpose of this, here.

I seem to be just average at the gamut of everything: average art (& 'average' feels a pretty generous adjective in this genre); average visual journal pages; average photographs; average (typical) life.

I don't have an angle. I don't really want an ETSY Store or a FLICKR account.

I don't do some extraordinary thing like rescue coyotes or invent new art techniques or save orphans or even animals (tho' all of my animals have come from shelters). I don't live somewhere spectacularly interesting and exotic and mind-blowing ... as evidenced by the extraordinary and spectacular lack of interest in/comments on the 'From the Hood' segments (which might actually be more of a reflection of my photography, I think). I'm not published. I never finished college. I got my GED, for crying out loud. I mean ... I have no credentials, no resume here!

My journal WRITING is great, but I don't share that, it's personal -- so how would you even know I'm not lying about great writing therein? Doesn't matter.

I think I'm just flat out a better "Other People's Blog Reader/Commenter" than Blog Keeper.


Beth said...

there's so many days where I feel the same way you do !!!
and then one person will say one nice thing, and then I'm off and running again.
this year started with a new blog and banner and that helped me alot !!
I hope you can figure out what you're looking for, but in the mean time, I think your blog is great !

Veronica said...

OH no you don't you better keep this up every single night I come here to read and look at your photos and to see what you have been doing and oh the art and the thoughts...please i beg of you keep it up please

Veronica said...

Okay I have to say more. First I find you to be the most amazing person I know. I also think you are the smartest, funniest, clevererist, is that a word? person I know. I look up to you for so much, you are my muse you are my sould you are my heart and even though I know we will talk every single day I still love looking at the pictures your thougths from your journal. Your hood segment is so inspiring cause I like seeing where you spend your time. I love seeing the things you buy I love seeing everything. I love knowing you are as crazy as I am etc etc etc

You are the reason why this is the first place I go when I get home so please please please keep doing this for me??????????? I love you my little cabbage

Veronica said...

crap I meant to say your are my soul not my sould