Tuesday, January 8, 2008

100% - Illustrated Friday Word of the Week

"Teach Another" is because I believe art is about giving. Ok, yes: maybe I'm 'giving' when I make something & share it. But I wouldn't be making it at all, if not for the books, magazines, articles, interviews, blogs, classes, & conversations where others who create tell HOW they do it. Art is 100% giving, no matter how I look at it.


studio lolo said...

I agree...great concept and very nice collage!

Toni said...

Oh my god, thank you for posting a comment. I've never posted anything I've done actually ON the Illustrated Friday blog, and I've been feeling like I'm standing in a very large shopping mall in the middle of the world with my underwear around my ankles. Or something. Whew.

Tim Hunt said...


Nicely handled. I like the multi-layered effect. It really unfolds before your eyes.

Thanks for your comment on my work.


Veronica said...

oh dear. I love this I think it has my name on it right???? hint hint. I lovey lovey this