Thursday, January 24, 2008

Direct From the Lens of the Texture Ho'

[shhhhhhhh - above? Toni's Stealth Suit for MuthaCam Espionage.]

The bolster for my cabana hammock. (Say that 3 times, fast!) A dream vignette for a Texture Ho bearing MuthaCam! And this little vignette of colors/patterns screamed IKEA! Whenever I see pink, I think CIERA. Who, by the way, has an impressive bag collection of her own. NONE of the good ones came from Aunt Toni, who as we know is strictly a Big Ass Purse woman, thereby officially Bag Challenged. Juxtaposition of straw on snakeskin. (Now say that 3 times fast!) (Then try typing it. Once!) Same bags, in technicolor! A bolt of pink silk so faded it had become ... ? I don't know what color. And against that pegboard? What a contrast! These only seem calm & dignified ... .. but actually, such rich colors!! to change the mood. I approve. Ruffles & folds, very Prague-esque to my mind. I've had Prague daydreams on the brain again lately. Toni's notion of Spa Clothing -- to get me from the all-over-Swedish-body-massage in Boudoir #1 [with a Swede very much resembling, say, Gerard Butler, who may or may not be Swedish but does it matter?], to the mud bath soak (with hot stones on my forehead) in Boudoir #2 to the pedicure whilst ensconced in the Throne Made Just for Me (a massage chair, but of course!). If this belonged to My Lovely Mother, there would be at least 27 kleenexes tucked in that thar pocket. And probably 3 bobby pins. Close-up of a planter. Harlequins are the only pattern I like better than polka dots. Harlequins, matter of fact, I consider my 'signature' pattern. Used decorative gift bags -- PERFECT for re-gifting -- but none of us do that, do we? NO WIRE HANGERS!!!! (hee hee - we're safe, these all appear to be plastic!) I wish old sewing machines could tell their stories -- what they made, who made it, the conversations they overheard. This is the very same machine I am pretending was used by the lovely Sari-wearing doll pictured in an earlier post. This shot troubles & taunts me, both, because ... because ... oh man, dare I say it? Because I REALLY THINK there is some amazing piece of altered art in these keyboards. I just haven't figured out what it is, yet. It's the letters, the prospect of words, the possibility of words, the idea of words silenced ... hmmmm. At least I have so far refrained from accumulating 2 or 20 of the things and stacking them in one of my already over-stacked studio corners. Abandoned golf clubs. Double BB would never let this happen to his clubs. Probably because his ridiculously large bedroom TV would find itself at great risk under such occurrence!


Veronica said...

You are too funny. I have that robe don't you know and Big Daddy had my initals engraved on it in purple. Funny thing is the first one came in wrong size and they forgot the engraving they sent him another one that was right but now I have two of these luxury robes. So, fluffy and warm. I love mine.