Friday, January 18, 2008

Reflection - Life First

Tonight, my youngest male child has a basketball game. He hasn't been telling me about his games, and I finally pinned him down. Guess what? He felt like he'd be interrupting me in my studio, that I'd rather be making my art than go to a game. [It took 2, 821,977 carefully posed, casually asked questions, over a period of 6 weeks, to acquire this, the real, answer.] When I'd begun to sit stewing in my studio feeling sorry for myself thinking he was 'dissing' me because I'm not a hoop-star, like his Dad, like his brother, so he didn't want me there issuing my lame "Rah Rah Go Kevin's"!


So tonight I'm not reflecting at all. Instead, Double BB and I are swooping up My Lovely Mother and riding off to watch said youngest male child hoop-it-up. I'm taking the MuthaCam and attempting some action shots, but if it gets too distracting (for me, for others) or if I end up feeling too distanced cuz I'm behind the lens, I'm shutting it down and focusing on my Rah Rah Go Kevin's!

Art can't be made from a base of only isolation and art. Art needs that Intravenous Life Feed. And I don't want to be absent for my injections anymore!



Melissa G. said...

I was glad to finally be invited to one of Kevins games. It was such a good game I had no choice but be fully tuned in to the game. I hate home court advantage! Thanks for the boot comments, as well as the facial ones. You are a very beautiful person inside & out, I wish I could have one of your many talents.