Sunday, January 13, 2008

Psycho MuthaCam Photoshooter Hits Local Market - Part II

Part II - Eat Your Veggies

Onions. In everything I cook, with the possible exception of banana nut muffins. This could be because I never cook (bake, I know, I know) banana nut muffins. We buy onions in 20 pound bags. 'Shrooms, Man. Far out. Squash, zucchini and reflection. A vain vegetable duo, I gather. One of my favorites for grilling, shish-ka-bob style. Asparagus logging. My favorite vegetable on this planet, and probably 2 or 3 others. My favorite vegetable including even Unidentified Produce Objects and Produce-Not-Yet-Tasted. Asparagus curls my toes, tickles my tastebuds, & lights my produce fire like no other. Green onions, a favorite. I finely chop the green ends and make like chives with 'em, for baked potatoes. Hatch chiles. I love to grill these, peel off the blistered outer skin, then eat them with EVERYTHING. These are chile relleno waiting to happen, too. I love me some hatch chiles.
Lettuce tenement. [I would so LOVE to let loose a family of rabbits here.] Lettuce leaf bouquet - beautiful, and practical, too. Instead of having to change the increasingly stinky water in the vase, you'd have your lunch every day for 2 or 3 days, & leave no trace. Shots of bell peppers are du rigueur for budding MuthaCam photoshooters, I guess. So here's mine. Just don't be holding your breath for more. Personally, I think they're SOOO yesterday's vegetable. Let's just stuff one with rice and be done with it. Cabbage & celery, pals in the C-section of the produce aisle. Celery. [Where's the peanut butter?]