Monday, January 14, 2008

The Wicked Wench Fizzled ...

Ok, so my new outfit was a bust. Nobody noticed. [I leave too early in the morning to show anybody in my family; they're all snoring 'bout that time!] And my normally-cooperative photographer blew me off, wouldn't take a picture. I mean, what is THAT about?! Then I ended up having to scurry to the doctor, major abdominal pain since Friday turned much worse. Female problem, had to stay for an outpatient procedure, but now all is better. Ovarian cyst, trying to rupture. I've never felt sucha thing -- and I thought childbirth pretty much covered all possibilities. Then I get home and OF COURSE! The stooopid back-ordered sweater was there, smirking at me cheekily.

It's been a day; I'm tired; I'm grouchy as hell; I'm hurting in the lower region, and I'm disappointed I didn't make any heads (but my own) turn.

A.) I just work with a herd of nincompoops.
B.) I was so stunning they were all rendered speechless.

I'm sticking with option B. Otherwise I'll feel invisible and that's gonna make me cry, today anyway. Been a very long time since I had a brand new (no thrift store) outfit. I told ya Thrift just works for me!

I did manage to spend 2 hours tonight working on my latest effort for Illustration Friday. Word of the week is: STITCH. I'll scan/post tomorrow.

By the way, Javier didn't show up, either.

Enough is enough. I'm going to bed.


Veronica said...

I laughed so hard I thought I would cry. Of course they were speechless...... you had to turn a coupla hundred

I so want to see the outfit on. I love the skirt too cute.. you little salsa girl you