Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Cat is Still Yakkin'

Ladies and Gentlemen: WE HAVE A CRACKLED ALLEY FENCE! [I've decided that if SuziBlu declines my proposal of marriage, I'm going to offer one to Tim Holtz.] Was at Joann's doors twelve minutes before they opened. Went next door to Food City and bought coffee creamer (cuz I'll be drinking it by the gallon). Also T.P. Supply was low. And you know how I feel about the T.P. supply. One alley trash can bottom. Kinda sorta forgot about that when I originally made the alley trash can. Duh. Pretty, huh? Found this at Good Will. It's my Glue Gun Holster, along with glue stick ammo. Will need it to adhere the alley trash can bottom after it's cooked. Oh Sheldon? SheldooOOooon? It's back! [note: Sheldon appears to have gone A.W.O.L.] Dagnabbit, got too close again. These are the Picasso-Esque Cat's homeboys. Alley cat buddies. [Yes, yes, I know, still too close. It's the Mrs. Magoo effect, affecting my vision.] Time to affix the Aluminum S'Mored Musical Notes. Nailed on musical notes. And the paint is going on the patterns. We're nearing the finish line. Note the harmonica in the alley trash can? I still have to add the greasy newspaper, though. But first I have to go drop off my truck at the Dealer for service. And eat a little something. And sleep a really long time, hopefully with lots of drool and snoring. And anyway I've got to wait on the painted pattern outlines to dry.


Veronica said...

This is going to be so cute! I love your imagination. What a hoot. i love the cats too oh I can't wait to see the finished product.