Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Back to the Cat

The canvas is papered. Eesh, blimey, GRRRRRRR, if that didn't take 4 hours. The blank area is where I'll be creating a fence line, which will wrap around the left side of the canvas. May, thank goodness, has finally set her sites on something higher than Wheel of Fortune. She's after The Tool Belt Diva's job. Ok, all right -- Tool Belt Diva with all of Vanna's flair! Time to build a fence. My grandparents were farm folk, I can do this with my hands tied behind my back, I know it - I've got prairie DNA. Except - uh, er, well - let's just call this Typical Construction - not enough material, requiring a trip to Home Depot (or Michael's) for more. Drying time. Lots of heavy books to prevent balsa-wood-curling. I want to roughen & toughen these slats up with sandpaper, then stain them with this walnut ink. Ready, set, STAIN! Half the fence, stained. Tomorrow it's off to Michaels for me, to pick up another sheet of balsa to finish this. Then I'm going to use some distress paint on it to make it peeled and weathered. Ladies & Gentlemen: we have an alley trash can. Mr. Cat tells me this is starting to feel like home. He curled right up in the corner without any help from me.