Saturday, January 19, 2008

Got Game? (do not adjust your monitors)

Kevin's team = guest. Home team: Central. MuthaCam = no flash allowed inside the gym. I tried zoom, I tweaked exposure and sharpness, I tried and tried ... I deleted a ton of shots as I went, I started over. But this is the best of the bunch, all 80 shots. I'm not vanquished -- I WILL prevail over this camera & these action shots! Meanwhile, these will give you a sense of it all! Starting line-up introductions. I hate cheerleaders. Have I ever mentioned that? There's a story behind this. But that's another blog entry for another day. My oldest male child shows his support, along with dear Melissa. (I love her face.) I love her face so much I kept turning around to shoot her. She tolerates me, too. She even smiles! What a woman! No, Miss V, these aren't my feet. I wish these were my feet. Correction: I wish these were my BOOTS. But they belong to the ever-stylin' Miss Melissa. My Lovely Mother coveted these boots as well and insisted on a photo op. [A moment of fashion respite amid the fervor of the game -- women!!] The gifted, the amazing, the hot NUMBER 22! [That would be my youngest male child, of course.] These two cheerleaders from the home squad couldn't agree more, but they had to whisper about it. Kevin does, after all, play for the opposite team! I may dislike cheerleaders, but these two demonstrated remarkably good taste. And cute hair bows. Here's how it's done, Ref: ya put your right foot in ... Foul on Number 22. Kev faces the music. And the score table. [Humorless ref.] Uh oh. Double BB is gesturing. It's a bad thing when Double BB gestures. A very bad thing. Cheerleaders get on my LAST nerve. They do, however, provide a brief distraction during which Double BB can attempt a zen moment. Ok, where'd the ball go? A classic basketball pose. No lascivious thoughts, please, except from the Under-18 crowd. These are, after all, the backsides of juveniles, one of whom is my youngest male child. "Play ball!" Kevin at-the-ready, following that action! The Ref passes Kevin the ball to in-bound. It's a nail-biter.
It's a chin-cupper. Kevin's open!!! David & Melissa are on the edge of their seats! My Lovely Mother can't look! He goes left! No, no, the other left! He's in the paint, he penetrates with a bold twist or two of his athletic body past 3 defenders, he's up, he's up ... !!! FOR TWO!!! "That's what I'm talking about!" Way to shut the home crowd up, Kevin!!

Truth is, Kevin's team had the game in hand until they went into overtime, then they bungled just a few too many free throws and LOST! AARRRGGHHH!!!! What an exciting game, though, and the crowd was totally into it, way more than any soccer game I've ever seen. I probably won't be able to hear for 3 days, or talk for 5, everybody & I were shouting so much! What a rockin' good time! I just gotta take a MuthaCam class or something so I can learn how to shoot in gym lighting with no flash and get these shots!!!


Veronica said...

Amazing photos. So, is Melissa Kevins girlfriend or just friend. She is too cute. I am so glad you all went to David's game. I bet you had so much fun and you are right spend time with the family and have the time of your life. They grow up so fast as it is.
But I wanna hear the cheerleader story okay?

Toni said...

Melissa is David's ... friend. It's a constant state of transition with those two. It was actually Kevin's game. Cheerleader story - some day!