Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Love this Picture

As I mentioned, I didn't know Joe, just met him once. But in this photo, I see -- wow, I see his Aunt Terrie, I see a LOT of his mom, Peggy, and a little bit of his cousins Cory & Aaron. I really like the wicked sparkle in his eyes in this picture -- reminds me a ton of my youngest male child.


Veronica said...

Oh this is the young man that passed away? What a handsome young man.... so sad. Prayers for his family sending them now.

Denise S. said...

The wreck was just so unbelievable,and so sad with all the deaths and serious injuries.

There just seemed to be no way anyone survived after seeing the pictures of that bus.

Toni said...

I can't stomach looking at those pictures anymore. That stark, isolated, cold, dark place! If only only only! I could be God for 12 seconds and give Joey back to his mother, to his family. Along with all those others who died that night!

Thank you for commenting!