Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Charming the Photographer

This morning, I told my normally-cooperative photographer bud here at work that I was going to post his e-mail address & ask all of my blogging friends to e-mail him with requests that he respond in the positive, whenever I ask for his photographic services. [What I actually said was something very close to: "I'm gonna post your email address, Butthead, & have all my bloglandia women-friends e-mail you and tell you what a scumbag you are for not shooting me in my Wicked Wench outfit yesterday."] He whined, 'Well! Sometimes I need a reminder, I forget things.'

Bloglandia Friends? Got a moment for a sweet-talkin' reminder for my bud? Well - here ya go: [time has expired for email address - did you send a message?]


Veronica said...

I emailed him.... lol
let's see if he will take pictures now...

twinsand2boys said...

Time expired for the email...Remind him to take one!