Monday, January 14, 2008

America's Next Top Model

Talk about serious dress-up!! Look at the shoes! And she's got her hair UP (this is nothing short of a miracle for Ciera).Chris wrote:

"Used my Trader Joes gift card just now, Momsk. THANKS! Got all the GOOD stuff. Good olive oil, good cheese, prosciuto, yogurts &fresh berries for Ciera, etc. :> YIPPEE

Snowflake's face is the same, in fact it is slightly bigger today. That might just be cuz the doc was probing around in there. God I hope she gets better. It looks so swollen and painful. Pray for The Flake. :<

Gotta pick up the girls shortly. This morning Mariah [neighbor & one of Ciera's posse] didn't come to get Ciera as usual. Mariah and her brother are both sick -- I didn't know though (didn't check my messages). So about 7 minutes til 8 I realized I had to drive Ciera to school.

It was so funny because we hustled up there and the line of cars was really long and we heard the bell ring. Ciera goes, "Ohhhhhhhh great, that's the bell Daddy, I'm late. Now I gotta check into the office..."

I spotted her teacher at the edge of the playground gathering the kids and I told Ciera to hop out and RUN! It was blowing windy like 20 mph gusts and Ciera was hauling ass with her huge backpack (and her new pink & white Nikes she got yesterday).

I opened the window and yelled, "BYE CIERA!" and she half-turned while running and gave me a side-wave. Poor Daddy didn't get his goodbye hug & kiss though. I didn't see if she made it because of the traffic in my way.

Hailey [Ciera's cousin] spent all weekend with us and was very good; it was nice having her. I took them to Mervyns cuz Bear needed sneakers bad. They had a big clearance rack of beautiful dresses, real fancy, like cocktail dresses. Hailey and Ciera picked their's out right away."


Veronica said...

No............... she is growing up way too fast. Adorable I love that smile