Friday, January 4, 2008

My First Swap - I'm Swooning!

Today at work, I received Ms. Patty's package to me. I emailed her muy pronto to tell her it had landed, but that I was saving it for when I got home from work. Oh. My. God. Patty! Patty-Patty-Patty! Did you ever get a package that, when you opened it and pulled out the contents, you just couldn't go any further? I just gaped & ooh'd & oh-my-god'd & kept (forgive the pun) Pat-ing it ... wowza. Ok, so below you are seeing a mere fraction of the contents, my favorite patterns and objects. Talk about getting spoiled! And mostly I'm just touched because Patty doesn't really know me from Adam, except for maybe some comments I've left on her blog ... but she said YES! Gawd I adore that word. I'm addicted to it. YES! YES YES YES!!! So come along and check it all out with me. I'm going to start with my favorite piece of all of it: the black & white photo of the old pickup, the guy leaning his arm out the open window. I have so many memory associations that go with old pickups -- mostly, though, of my cherished Grandpa Andy, who farmed in Nebraska, and consequently when I see a photo like this, I have my Grandpa back and nothing at ALL can beat that.


These are the contents of the package immediately after I gently pulled them out. Sigh. A moment of silence, please. These are the devilishly delicious IKEA wrapping papers that got me all wound up to start with, & prompted my suggestion for a swap. Ai! Ai yi yi! I'm in love, I'm SO in love. These are my new NOT SECRET AT ALL crush! Old receipts, bank documents, ledger pages. A girl could just break into tears! Look at that handwriting! And butterflies! 4 sheets of pages from an old book, beautiful butterfly illustrations. All I could think about was my beloved Aunt Judy, who is nuts about butterflies! Awesome photo printed or transferred to muslin. Zoe doesn't believe she's related to the cat in the picture, though. Favorites ... Favorites ... ... and more favorites. Sweet parcel within a parcel. [Patty I'm sorry so so sorry I sent you your stuff in such a mess! eesh!]
Sweet parcel, unparcelled. Wow. Za. Zoe & I continue to battle for possession of the red & white string. I'm going to win. I'm going to distract her with some flat, lukewarm Coors Light as soon as I'm done posting this blog. She thinks she's so smart! Pffft. And yet it's still coming!!!! Another parcel within the parcel, this one also stuffed to the gills! Favorites ... [& remember, this is only a SMALL representation of the contents!] Favorites ... ... and more favorites!

Good eesh & blimey. With a couple of shites thrown in. Ya know, I was thinking of working on that Picasso-Esque Cat this weekend, but you can see how maybe I might could be distracted. REALLY distracted! I've got butterflies in my heart, butterflies in my itching-to-art fingertips, and butterflies on pages to make something gorgeous for my Beloved Aunt Judy.


Mercedes said...

Wow, I love everything, those papers are great!!!

Veronica said...

now those are just too cool. Great swap there. Let's see what you can do with it. I love it