Monday, January 14, 2008

Hamster E.R. (Email from Chris)

"Had to take little Snowflake to the Animal Hospital this morning. Poor girl. Her right cheek swelled up again and in the last 24 hours it tripled in size and her little nose was bleeding just a little.

Was hard to find a vet open on Sunday and one that took small rodents. Found one in NORTH SCOTTSDALE!

Doc was great. I had Ciera, Hailey, and Mackenzie with me and we all took Snowflake to the E.R. He had the nurse hold Snowflake and he used a little lighted scope to look around inside her mouth. He said her mouth and teeth looked okay. It's either an infection or a (cancerous) tumour.

He gave Snowflake anti-biotics and we'll treat it as an infection. If it's a tumour there's nothing that can be done.

He thinks Snowflake is about 12-14 months old ... and they only live 18 months or 2 years.

I just hope the antibiotics work!

$55. But I couldn't stand to see Snowflake suffer."
My brother is a grand human!