Sunday, January 6, 2008

3:05 a.m. - Alley Cat Time

Here's what I have learned, during this long long All Day/Nighter I decided to pull: the time to commune with a Picasse-Esque Alley Cat is on Alley Cat Time. This feline ain't stopped yakking since about 1:45 this morning. Check it out. Since the name of this piece, officially, is 'ALLEY CAT BLUES', in honor of Bobfather's musical genius, passion, & background, I need some musical notes to splash around the canvas frame. Musical note outlines.
Cut-out musical notes. Musical notes in reverse -- little flaps cut and folded over to prevent sharp edges. Since I want to nail these into the canvas edge, I also wanted a thicker piece to hold the nail. A little rub-a-dub-dub with an alcohol swab, & all the leftover Sharpie lines disappear. One alley cat fence, complete. Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paint, put to work. I listened but it's definitely not Rice Krispies -- no snappin' or poppin', or even cracklin', to be heard. Right now the canvas is up high, out of Zoe's reach, to dry & do it's distressing thing. Me & my lighter & my bamboo skewer did a little bonding [Artistic Pyromaniac License 101] ... sizzled these musical notes, a nice aluminum S'Mores bonfire. Fa la la la la ... ... la la la la.

Still to do:
1. Bottom for alley cat trash can.
2. Purchase paint to outline Picasso-esque patterns on canvas.
3. Proceed with outlining of Picasso-esque patterns.
[insert: Drying time.]
4. Add friends of Picasso-Esque cat.
5. Affix musical notes.
6. Review. Cup chin in hand and ponder. Meditate. Consider.
7. Add any other embellishments as perhaps envisioned during step 6, above.
8. Varnish.
[insert: Drying time.]
9. Affix Picasso-Esque Cat to canvas. [not sure how yet, to be part of step 6 process, above.]
10. Cover back of canvas.
11. Handwrite title, & sign/date.
12. Deliver to the Bobfather.

My goodness! This could conceivably be completed tomorrow, provided I'm awake at any point during daylight hours.

And look!! There was a table under there! But, uh, er -- HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY STENCIL BURNER?


Veronica said...

Ha, You inspired me to clean up a little too. Should I post pictures now of my studio with the thousands I recently purchased? ack. we need a huge space for both of us to move into.