Wednesday, January 2, 2008

From the 'Hood - Texture

I spotted this and pretended I was approaching it on the back of a camel. Two humps, please. I've actually ridden a two-humped camel, name of Ralph (I mean it, at the Phoenix Zoo). Camel-riding is a very SWAYING experience, not something I recommend for anyone even slightly intoxicated or uncertain of her stomach. Or anyone put off by camel farts, cuz Ralph let one go with every other step! (I wonder if that's normal camel behavior, or if Ralph was uncertain of his stomach!) Visions of Morocco dance through my ever-far-horizon-travelling heart. Cool play of light and patterns here. I'm always a sucker for a roll of rusty wire, too. Even though this happens to be plastic cable wire. Patterns through spilled mortar. Could be an aerial shot of a strange water formation through a marsh. Just more utility or cable company street graffiti, but it looks quite exotic, doesn't it? What do you think it might say? This feels very Asian to me, balanced, symmetrical, even soothing: as if it could be on the doors of a temple, or an emblem for a new kind of tea. Closeup of sewer drainage cover. I like the subtle weathered colors. So dried, so fragile, this small branch. Not a great photo, but still -- doesn't it make you want to step on those leaves just to hear the crunch? [Too late - I already did!] Closeup of a knot on a mature Saguaro cactus. Aren't feathers just one of the most photogenic objects on the planet? Despite photographers who are forever getting too close & forgetting to take the MuthaCam off 'sienna effect'? An interesting split on a tree trunk. Growth blister? Same tree and crag, different angle. Looks like a canyon rock formation. Eesh, this poor telephone pole. All these nails?! From years of 'Yard Sale' and 'Missing Dog' signs? I'm addicted to these pods. They remind me of pomegranates (another addiction). I put these in my sweatshirt pocket and took them home to sketch. I have 3,781 sketches of these pods, but I never get tired of doing them. A word with particular poignancy in the desert. Closeup of broken oleander trunks. "Pilar", the tree in our front yard, is nearly nude now. Time to get out the rakes. Yard corner vignette: gate, wall, plant. Bottom of the palm trunk in our front yard. Old hardware latch on our backyard gate to the irrigation ditch. Double BB's work gloves, pair #4,799,825. This photo reduces me to tenderized mush, for some reason.


Veronica said...

So, do you delete the photos and start a new batch? I love these. And to think of the time you get to spend out alone all by yourself. I love it.

by the way tonight was my first night using my beeswax. The name of the piece is today I will be.....
it is using one of your favorite photos.... that's all I'm saying

Toni said...

Heya ... yea, I shoot and delete as I go. I love taking those walks -- and now I'm starting to look at some of the same places or plants to see how they change.

Beeswax is fun stuff. Did you get a little crockpot? That is THE way to go, forget melting pots.