Sunday, January 13, 2008

Antique Mall Beauty Hunt - Park III - Texture

My second favorite photo today: because it just has all the kinds of elements I like -- texture, detail, patina. This is the arm of a wrought iron chair -- a pretty darned BATTERED wrought iron chair at that! Visions of Victorian garden parties here. Lots of lush green, parasols, swishing of dress tranes through the grass. Now I'm in the mood to watch Sense and Sensibility! A floral painting in the background that I couldn't get to; a wrought iron chair; an intricate frame.
A wrought iron sunflower patch. A basket of handpainted paper tulips. Detail of a wrought iron chandelier. Garish paint job, much MUCH better in black and white Muthacam effect.
Bamboo trays. I want the women I know to imagine I'm handing you each one of these, and inviting you to create a table setting, anything you'd like. What a fun party that would be!
Etched crystal glasses and pitcher.