Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Before & After - Of A Kind

My youngest male child is home. Home asleep with his arm up on a stack of pillows. The princess and the pea ... the broken pinkie & the pins ...

Kevin is also NOT allowed to return to school until he has seen the doctor for pin removal - one week until then. The surgery took an hour longer than anticipated because the doctor [a self-proclaimed perfectionist (I love that in a pinkie-repairing surgeon)] had quite the struggle affixing the pins in a manner the broken bones would cooperate with. The slightest tussling or curious tap or horsing-around teenage tomfoolery could undo everything. This is Kevin's LEFT hand -- but Kevin is right handed, so homework will be finding its way into the homestead, via Mom picking it up or homies dropping it off. Poor Bub, he doesn't even get out of doing that!


Jenn said...

Hi Toni!
I just wanted stop by and say HI!!! I hope your little boy gets to feeling better! You left a comment on my post asking "What is Close to My Heart?" Well they are a scrapbooking company that sells the clear acrylic stamp sets and a whole lotta other neat stuff. You should check out my website,

AnneMarie said...

wow! I slammed my finger, pointer finger on my right hand and I am right handed, when I was in highschool.. it was bad!! I had to take the SAT the next week!!
well, I was headed to my homecoming game with a bunch of buds and one shut my finger in the door- right on the joint!!! I didn't realize it at first and then when I did couldn't get my finger out!!! I had to holler at them to come back and gently open the door... you could see bone and all! yuck! we went to the ambulance, they fixed me up as best they could and then had to go find my parents at a college football game- good thing I knew where my dad had tickets!! I went in and had to get them to take me to the hospital!!! I had to have them since I was a minor!!! it was crazy.. therapy was on my own..
I hope your son heals soon... hang in there!

Vicki said...

Hiya Toni, oooo poor thing, I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

Also popped by to say YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED.

Please see my blog for details. Take care xx vicki xx

Veronica said...

Hey Babe
Give Kev a big hug and kiss from his Auntie V and tell him I said to let Mom baby him for a week.
I feel so sorry for him having to go through that surgery. Gosh, to have to go through all that.

Jamie Martin said...

Wow, poor Kevin! Both of my kids have broken fingers, my son playing basketball and my daughter hittng a balloon against the wall, missed the balloon and hit the wall. Who would think. But neither of them had surgery. Hope he heals quickly :)

SBS-11 Sister