Wednesday, January 16, 2008

From The 'Hood

Had to go back to the doc today for a little internal tweaking, which spelled a long Percoset-induced nap, and which precluded any kind of actual 'Hood walk. You're getting more of a From the 'Homestead take. Except (& as I told Miss V) -- I don't have much by way of pretty vignettes in my house. That new HGTV show, Desperate Rooms? They could build their entire first season around our house (except the beautifully complete master bath, kudos to Double BB). So this won't take long, believe me! These are actually from work. They were so gorgeous yesterday that I wrote myself a post-it last night to remember to take the MuthaCam to work for a photo. De-lovelies.

And now, From the 'Stead:
Curtains in our 'Paris' room.
Double BB's personal pleasure implements -- the golf clubs. [An anniversary gift from his loving wife, might I point out -- an anniversary gift, that year, which was NOT a ridiculously large bedroom TV!] Saucers & bowls from thrift stores - my preference to use as paint palettes. Also, my Cat Posse of One would like to point out the brush there, bristles barely visible on the right -- her personal pleasure implement. ZOE LOVES DA BRUSH!! Indeed - she gets 100 strokes a night from her human, to maintain healthy fur and high feline esteem. But primarily cuz her human holds zero affection for regurgitated hairballs. Scary evidence of Toni's black thumb - the pot graveyard. Scarier wire web on the eave under our still-to-be-painted roof/house exterior. I don't do fuse boxes. Except as last-resort photographic subjects. My outdoor Al Fresco drying station. A clothespin cluster - a truly special vintage! Closeup of clothespin cluster.
My comfortable patio chair.
Feet finally up. [This photo for Miss V -- the foot wars are on!] Perfectly summarizes my mood today ... see y'all, I'm riding back off into the Percoset Sunset now.


Veronica said...

Oh babe it is ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Foot war has offically started. You are going DOWN now. Oh wait I gotta shave my legs first. hahahahahaha mwah... love all the hood pictures I wanna see more of the paris room

Mercedes said...

I see you apreciate what is around you, details are important too and you found them