Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tagged Again!

by Teresa! So this time I'll see what I can come up with for my middle name again, but I won't tag anyone else. Hmmm ...

Middle name: ANTONIA

A = Athletic. I was a gymnast, even though I was so dad-gum tall! Volleyball. Basketball. Cross country.
N = Nomadic. I like spontaneous travel, day trips, jump-up-&-go's with no plan.
T = Tenacious. Not a quitter. Maybe a whiner, as I go, but not a quitter.
O = Overt. As in big mouth.
N = Nester. I'm no good at being nomadic without a home base to operate from.
I = Introspective. Probably true of all those who keep journals.
A = Analytical. Thanks, Dad - keeps my introverted spirals on track/balanced/logical.


Bridget said...

Hi, Toni! Thanks for all the comments on my page. I hope it's safe to assume I'm in the SBS 11 group so I posted everybodies info on my page, finally.