Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thrift Store Jaunt

Went to Good Will this afternoon to try to find some warmer shirts. Phoenix has seen such a colder few weeks, and I was caught with 3 pseudo sweaters in my closet, not including the teal one I just ordered. What the hey! We'll BEGIN with my favorite find, for a change: this lacy, retro-vintage seeming piece. Just up my particular clothing preference alley, and I have tons of things to layer this with perfectly. Block of 3 -- silky green oriental-cut blouse; one of those soft sweaters with the cowl that can go down off your shoulders or up; and my favorite vintage-looking lace shirt, as above. Burnt orange? Pumpkin? Whatever the color, I treat it, and mix/match it, like a neutral. So autumnal! These details at the waist are what sold me. Fun wool hoodie, and tank to wear beneath. This is a raw, really rough wool. Great to touch, probably itchy as all get out, so organic-feeling! Double BB let go a very polite, "Hmmmm ..." when this one appeared. As for me, I love the faded denim-like color, and the nubby feel of it. Polka dots - love 'em! They're so cheeky! This kind of draped neckline does wonders for those of us who are cleavage-&-cup-size challenged.


Judy Wise said...

ha ha. "cleavage and cup size challenged". Now I know what to call myself.