Monday, January 21, 2008

Coyote Crossing

My bro's, Cam and Chris, spent the weekend on a plane wreck chase. Found it, after (Cam said) some brutal hiking. This morning, he sent this email: "Chris and I came to a screeching halt on Cave Creek Road this weekend and almost killed two coyotes strolling casually across what is basically a small highway north of Phoenix. The coyotes were so tame, that they completely ignored our truck and other traffic.

When we honked our horn, one of them just squatted in front of us and took a giant piss on the asphalt.

It was kinda sad. Cave Creek is so full of development and strip malls and golf courses now, these two coyotes acted almost like house pets."

As I wrote back to them, whilst forwarding the internet address for Charlie at The Daily Coyote -- soon we'll be calling coyotes extinct. What a loss!


patty said...

if you are need of a few more coyotes, I can send ya'll a pack or two. There's a pack whose territory includes my back wooded area and I have counted up to 35 at one time. They are very plentiful in my area.

Veronica said...

oh my gosh that is so close and too funny. I love the peeing story