Sunday, January 13, 2008

Psycho MuthaCam Photoshooter Hits Local Produce Market - Part IV

Part IV - Fabulous Fruits! Fruits feature prominently in all my food fantasies. Plates upon plates of fruit, being hand-fed to me by such as Javier Bardem. But really, it's all about the fruit. Really.

Preferred apples of Double BB and my youngest male child -- the Granny's. My oldest male child and I favor the reds. Everybody says LEMON squeezed over fish, but I prefer lime. Zippier, different. Always the perfect juice to add to any marinade. Pineapples are just cool.
I haven't mastered The Pineapple yet. Neither mangos. Nor coconuts -- I feel like Tom Hanks in the beginning of Cast Away whenever faced with a coconut. They do have my utmost respect, those coconuts. Now, I love melon, all kinds. But I could not look at this without thinking: 'varicose veins.' [I'm sorry, really I am, if I just ruined melons for you forever.] Bananas. My youngest male child has a special relationship with bananas. And kiwi. It's a beautiful thing.
Little Darlin's, Apricots.