Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Truth Is ...

... boy am I discombobulated. Really still haven't slept but about an hour. I kept having these GASP! SIT UP OUT OF A SOUND SLEEP jolts about the cat canvas so I'd jump up and do them, then try to sleep again. Stoopid. I should've just brewed another pot of coffee and stayed the he** awake. I'm foggy mentally, thinking dumb shite like my blog is a waste of time, & taking pictures of my project process is a waste of time, & nobody comments but Veronica, anyway, so why aren't I just emailing pictures to her, that kind of stuff. I hate those moods. Vapor, like noxious mental farts. I'm irritated to have to be without my truck (in the shop) cuz I just do NOT like being on anybody else's driving schedule ... the only benefit is that I don't have to play carpool mom for a few days. A small relief.

I'm going to go take a bath and read some more of Eat, Pray, Love (my mystery gift, nobody ever has 'fessed up. I wish they would, best book I've read by far in a long time - completely weird because it's my writing style, it's like reading stuff lifted straight out of my journal about places & experiences I've never had.) I have my coffee ice cream treat from Cold Stone Creamery still to nosh, then I'm going to bed. I might shave while I'm in the tub. Might even iron the clothes I hung up for work tomorrow. Might not. Pfft.