Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dreams & Oops!

I know I slept because I dreamed I was the first person to leave a comment on The Pioneer Woman's latest blog entry. It might actually have been true if I'd managed to stay awake 3 or 5 more minutes, but I surrendered at 5:02. First thing I did upon waking up was start the coffee maker, kinda stood hunched over the counter making Mrs. Magoo faces while it brewed -- shuffled thither & yon in the kitchen getting my Sweet 'n' Low ready, dragging the creamer out of the fridge, finally poured my cup and lo! &! behold! What did I do but plunk a big ole dollop of ... [I'm so embarrassed to say this] ... MAYONNAISE into my mug. Some creamer, huh? So here is another lesson I learned from staying up all night at my age: I'd spill my guts to the enemy, to the neighbors, to anyone who asked anything, if I were sleep deprived TWO whole days in a row.


Veronica said...

You would have to stay up all freaking night to be the first one on pw's blog. lol

Rising Rainbow said...

I agree, and then I've noticed that people think they're first when by the time they actuall post the are fifth or something. LOL