Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good Will Jaunt - Shoes

There was a time in the not-so-recent past when Ciera would have climbed from her Daddy's shins up his torso to the top of his 6'-4" head to clamor LOUDLY in his ear for a pair o'rockin' shoes like these. ... but lately, Miss Bear's been veering toward Too Sophisticated. Pink Nikes, yes ... green glitter Dorothy-esque, with poms? No longer. sigh. Now I have no excuse for buying them. [Is this how women such as myself start easing their way into wanting to be a grandma?]
Delish -- I have a pair just like this except the flowers are green and white. They make a lotta noise, tho' -- clackety clackety clackety. This bright & sunshiny pair were in the men's section. True story. And because I know anything is possible and is probably true, somewhere, I then spent considerable brain cells inventing the outfit to compliment the shoes, which mostly ended up looking like something from my friendly mural at La Salsita ... a cross between tango/bolero, a lively step, a VERY CONFIDENT thrust of the chin ... much more important than the actual clothes, surely, especially if a man is wearing zapatos como esos! (shoes like these!) Immediate thought: 'in the Oriental style.' Oh really? Then I remember reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, by Lisa See - a book so devastatingly good that Mom and I each got our own copy, and mailed one to My Beloved Aunt Judy. GOOD, yes -- easily read, NOT. Some deeply descriptive, graphically detailed, wrenching descriptions of the way a 6-year old's feet were bound, the entire process of binding, including how it felt to the one whose feet were being bound. Shoes like these in my photo would have been bliss to those little women, and that is no small exaggeration. I feel subdued looking at these, although they interest me utterly! 3 pair I loved, especially the bright orange wedges -- all size 7-1/2. As IF! Point me toward Cabo, Baby!