Friday, January 25, 2008

Sisterhood 11 of the Blogging Stampers

Wowza. I was invited to join Sisterhood 11 of the Blogging Stampers, so I did, even though it's Friday and my brain objected 1 million percent to following all the directions. Doesn't matter that they were straightforward and easy. I just plain don't have any brain cells left come Friday night.

But it's done, and I've just said HEY to all the other 10 sisters currently on the Official Sisterhood 11 list ... also gently and too rapidly browsing thru their very impressive blogs. I'm hereby nominating myself "JUNIOR", as I clearly have the most to learn and the least to offer in the stamping arena. I'm not worried about it [oh I'm such a LIAR!] -- I'm on a roll right now for accepting challenges. And I so WANT to get back to making cards; I even updated my recipients' list just 2 days ago.

So, about me: I've kept a written journal for 32 years; started doing visual arts 2 years ago. I have 400 million stamps and maybe 12 ink pads, some embossing powder and a heat gun, also a crockpot full of wax. I'm getting there. Alas, no die-cutting appliances, although there IS a craft-dedicated toaster oven on my studio premises. I love words: lyrics and poetry and BOOKS. I love photography, especially black and white shots. I'm really into mixed media but focused on paper as the fundamental base ... not so much metal & rocks & wood, at least right now.

For fun I shoot pictures with the digital camera [dubbed the MuthaCam] bestowed upon me by my best friend/soul sister, Veronica, who also happens to be an SBS 11 sister! And the one responsible for my presence here! ("SHE did it!" may prove to be my last word in every case, whatever it is!) I read constantly. I write more than that. I'm a music FIEND the way some people like shoes or diamonds (we're talking serious addiction, probably 2,000 CDs). I spend my money on music, Sisters, not so much craft supplies (ACK! is that blasphemy?). Although I never let myself run out of Mod Podge.

Confession: I HAVE NEVER DONE A SCRAPBOOK PAGE IN ALL MY BORN DAYS. Will that detract, in this forum?

Bottom line, I'm thrilled to be here and I think we need t-shirts. Or a tank top, in my case. Or maybe craft aprons. A bumper sticker, at least!

GO SBS 11!!!!


Gina Juliet said...

Whoot! I am looking fwd to interacting with you through sbs 11. I am kind of nervous also!

Vicki said...

Hi there Toni, I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling quite so nervous...eeekkk!! Loved reading through your blog. I think we are all going to get on great and help each other out when needed. Take care, love and best wishes xx vicki xx

Veronica said...

Yea see how easy that was. Oh and the scrapbook page confession.. lol
Once my girls were grown and out of the house my scrapbooking stopped also. No grandkids ( thank goodness because neither girl is responsible enough) so if I have to wait until I am 70 well that is just fine. I will even wait until I am 90 just to make sure they will be responsible. lol
I am so glad you joined.
love ya me

Laurel said...

Love all of your photos, I have a problem with taking pics of things - they usually just look like things not art like yours!

AnneMarie said...

yea, a tank top.. yea.. lol!
I think this is going to be a blast!!! I can't wait to get going.. I crashed early last night but have got to get going on scanning everyone's blogs :) How Exciting!!

Jamie Martin said...

Hi Toni, welcome to SBS-11, I can't wait to see all of the fabulous stuff you will be making. I'll be back often :)

twinsand2boys said...

Sounds like a great group to join. Im still waiting to see a scrapbook sure to let me know when you make one! BTW PM me your addy over at HSS. Just in case sometime, ya know? heehee

Jeri said...

Hi Toni - yes, you have the enthusiasm for this group - way to go -