Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Good Will Jaunt - Dolls, Angels & Another Critter

Oogie. I don't know what I even took this picture. These dollheads give me the creeps, too many of those talking doll horror movie commercials, I'm sure! Resplendant Red Angel. I found two of her sisters on other shelves in the store. Ohh, loveliness! She had already positioned herself in front of this old sewing machine. I wonder if she made her sari, then?
This little lady looks like all the dolls belonging to any of my 3 nieces. In other words -- she's seen a Whole Lotta Luv! Gold Angel Sister. Her bearing reminds me absolutely of My Beloved Aunt Judy. Gawd, birds, I can't resist 'em. Not critters, but definitely 'dolls'! The Green Angel Sister. She had the most intricate gown of them all, but the picture didn't turn out. I got too close. Can you imagine, ME, getting too close? This jester looks a fair bit tipsy to me. Despite this gentleman's costume, this whole vignette feels very colonial to me. A reindeer made of corn husks! I so wanted this to be a llama, but not with that rack! Such a stately beast.


Mercedes said...

The delicated little doll are beautiful!

Veronica said...

oh see I love the one in the sari... that is too cool