Sunday, January 13, 2008

Outfit Debut - The Cat Made Me Do It

Remember this, the day The Cat Got Me Down? This skirt, in soft mocha brown? Well, it's here. And somehow [I can't think how it happened], these boots followed shortly thereafter [the 'Cognac' ones on the far left]. And there was also supposed to be THIS sweater, only it's bleepin' back-ordered. Figures.

Well, Toni is not one to wait on back-orders when there is half a new outfit in the house. So after my siesta, I ironed the skirt and took the 200 pounds of stuffing out of each of the boots, and selected another shirt (blues/browns), and I'm here to tell you, tomorrow This Wench Is Going to Be Dangerous. For that reason, I'm asking if someone can please arrange to fly Javier Bardem in? He'll be wanting to celebrate his Golden Globe award and I know just the person to help him out with that!


twinsand2boys said...

Too funny. Looks like a cute outfit!