Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Invitation for Creations!

This shot, using the 'negative effect' on the MuthaCam, reminded me of the stunning transparencies I've seen on various on-line stores, i.e. Stampington. It's evocative, a little ghostly & surreal, also (to my mind) quite romantic & historical-seeming.


I would LOVE to see what any of you might do with it (in whole or in part) -- on a card, a piece, a journal page? (Patty? Mary Ann? Veronica? HINT! HINT!) Whatever you want, really -- just scan it when you're thru and email it to me, and let me know if you mind me posting it or not. Just be sure to tell me who you are so I can give credit.


Veronica said...

Holy crap girl.... When I got you the camera I never thought you would ever turn into
I love the way you look at things. These are truly amazing.