Monday, January 21, 2008

Good Will Jaunt - Glassware

I'm inevitably drawn to etched glass. It reminds me of -- well -- quite a number of scenes from Dr. Zhivago.

My parents' 'good dishes' included various sizes of smoked glass stemware, so they are quite nostalgic for me.
Stemware. I'm a stemware dunce, & not at all a purveyor of The Grape, so I can't tell you the nuances -- champagne? Wine? Whatever ... they're gorgeous! An old Avon perfume bottle? Anyway this vignette reminded me of Venice, of Tuscany. Too big for espresso, too small for 'American' coffee, but cute & snappy anyway. Porcelain, hand-painted flowers as basket embellishment. And the same bouquet, in black & white. Close-up of glass lampshade.


Veronica said...

you must of had a BLAST shopping that day. I love all yoru pictures did they say anything to you for taking all the pics?