Sunday, January 13, 2008

Antique Mall Beauty Hunt - Part IV - The Ladies

Many thrilling introductions made today, so many ladies to meet and greet! Two of life's pleasures which are as necessary to me as breathing. Music ... ... & reading. I could get no closer to this new friend for all the furniture and piles surrounding her. I took 8 shots but they all had that bright flashy spot on the left, even without me using my flash. Frustrating, I loved her. These two ladies appeared to me to be spreading their skirts rather protectively over the framed art pieces in the tub below them. This poor creature had been abandoned atop a dusty, cheesy set of shelves in a corner, all by herself. Why?! Look at her lovely curves. Wistful, dreaming girl. [And a stoopid tag I couldn't move on the right, irritating me to no end!] A vintage pincushion, still pierced with old pins and 2 buttons. Behind her, a brass hand for holding those cards Victorian women used to exchange. What are those called again? There was something about her, and the painting behind her. I think she's gorgeous.
Sweet cherub, which normally I do not like - must be the patina.


Veronica said...

toni GO BACK!!!!! I want that black dress form how much was it? I gotta have it

Toni said...

That's all you have to say, Wench? All these gorgeous shots and you just wanna command me to go fetch a dress form? pffft. (hee hee -- answer on email and your blog)