Thursday, January 10, 2008

Big News for Zoe!!

Tonight, on behalf of my furry studio bundle, I petitioned the rambunctious, hilarious Ms. M.A. Moss, as follows:

"My lovely feline, La Shredder Zoe, has a question (make that two) for you. See, she really LOVES that you call your cats The Cat Posse. So she's wondering if a) she might have your permission for me to refer to her with that terminology on my blog, but only if b) you deem it acceptable, being that she is a posse of only one. [Here let the author/humanoid insert a comment that Zoe has been known to manifest multiple personalities, altho' that may not help her petition, in which case you may ignore this sidebar entirely.] In other words, can she become somewhat of an honorary Moss Posse Member, from afar, and yes she'd be happy to read all by-lines and affix pawprint(s) where applicable. Point is, she's sick of me calling her (out loud, to the 'public') my myriad of nicknames for her which are, in her estimation, undignified. Zoetoes, Zoekins, Kinsa, Toesa, Samurai Zoe ... you get the picture. As for me, I HATE to steal from other bloggers, better to ask first and receive a heartfelt NO than never to have asked at all."

And hark! Here is what Ms. Moss replied: 'YES to every single thing!'

I know it sounds rather incongruous & far-fetched, but Zoe has been doing a 'Snoopy Dance' ever since. True story.

Hereby, forthwith, & insofaras henceforth, let Zoe be known as an Official and Honorary Moss Posse Member. But wait a minute, let's see, does that have a workable acronym? Cuz I ain't typing Official and Honorary Moss Posse Member every time I talk about The Zoe. OAHMPM. No, I don't like it.

How 'bout "Cat Posse of One" -- C-POO!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Zoe will KILL me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA --that makes it perfect!

[Mary Ann, you rock, thanks! Security envelopes (no, these were not a bribe, thank you very much!) going out tomorrow.]


Veronica said...

Oh Zoe and her chocolate pawlets. That cat is so adorable.