Sunday, January 13, 2008

Treat for My Stomach and Me

Nourishment BEFORE projects, a lesson I learned from the Picasso-Esque Alley Cat. This is my favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant, only 3 blocks from my house: La Salsita. They know ME here, fer shur, but not my order because I order something different every time. I want to taste everything on this menu because this food is the real deal, the true article, the authentic Mexican fare! None of that gringo-Mexican-Taco-Bell caca, not me, and definitely not here! The all important condiment bar, Toni's secret place of worship. I put in my order, then sprint to the condiment bar to lovingly caress its contents with my eyes while I wait for my food, also to offer the fervent gurgling thank you's rumbling from my stomach. I like this mural. It's friendly, and I like to pretend I know that dance she's doing, that I can dance that dance wearing that dress, without smacking my partner unconscious with a flailing skirt tail & a wild arm swing! Backlit plastic ivy & glass block - not a bad little vignette. And excuse me very much, but no it's not true that I'll take a picture of just any old thing. I don't shoot balsa wood, remember? Ceiling fans. Critical in here, in Phoenix summers. For now, though, just a soothing shuk-tik shuk-tik fan-blade lullaby. Until they turn on the TV for the football game. Eesh. Blimey. Shite! I usually leave drool trails down the glass panes of this cooking area. Behind the glass? Pans of chile relleno, carne asada, champurrado, menudo, heaps of little round doughballs to make tortillas, roasted jalapenos and whole onions. Slobber, drool. I don't mind helping myself, really! Go ahead and answer that drive-thru buzzer. No problemo! I'll just step on behind here and fix myself up, don't worry about me! Lamps, hanging plastic fruit valances, windows/door to the outdoor patio, booths. Same shot, but in black & white MuthaCam effect. Looks like an entirely different place! Why is it easier to imagine that the place where you are is actually somewhere else when the photo is in black and white or in sienna? I'm feeling 'Havana' here, or Tijuana, or maybe Madrid. Feet up. Because as soon as you break all rules of etiquette and actually put your feet anywhere but on the floor, the food arrives. Watch! Y mira!!! La Comida!!! Tres tacos de carnitas, a side of frijoles, lots & lots of garnishes! And ooh yes, guacomole!!!

So -- my project, for which I'm needing this nourishment? Hmm, well, after my 2-hour siesta following ingestion of this delish food, I am going to go take pictures of produce. True story. Stay tuned.


Veronica said...

OH i love those tootsies....Girl how do you eat all that mexican food? I would be dying. Can't wait for the produce