Friday, January 4, 2008

One Item (yea, right!)

When was the last time you went into Michaels for ONE ITEM, and actually emerged with ONE ITEM? Huh? Well? Tell the truth!! Tonight after work, I went in for the sheet of balsa wood I need to finish my Picasso-Esque cat's fence. Balsa wood - you know, $1.49 for a long sheet of it. My mistake [the same one I am forever making] was to 'mosey', just to 'take a look.' I still managed to get out of there for under $15, but I am determined at some point to succeed at the One Item Michael's Stop! Maybe I need to add that to my resolutions list for 2008! I confess to finding it hard to fork over the price asked for rub-ons. I LOVE them, but they just seem exorbitant for me. Maybe if there were TWO sheets in each package, I dunno. But these were on sale for $1, as were the purple pressed flowers. The little gold bunch was outside on the sidewalk, kicked into the gutter. I always frisk around the bushes and gutters outside when they've got their flower displays out there -- I asked and they don't consider it stealing to pick up the broken-off bits and add them to the contents of my bag. Eesh, these ribbons! In the $1 bins, folks ... LEMONS!! And more lemons! When we bought our house 8 years ago, and I was trying to find lemon stuff for my kitchen, do you think I could find a doggone thing? pffft. Oh Oh OH I love lemons! And now I seem to be obsessed with any kind of motif/pattern that feels Moroccan to me, somehow exotic and desert-like. Hence the foam stamps and the ribbons with similar motifs. I wanted the harmonica for the cat piece -- my brother Bobfather blows harp, used to blow harp and play rhythm guitar for a rock band, and he is GOOD! The harmonica just needed to come home for the canvas. And no, not even I take photos of a sheet of balsa wood -- HELLO!!


Veronica said...

Ha I love that what no balsa wood? hahahaha
is that a foam stamp??? i love that. I got some canvas today from mike and some bead holders. Gotta love mike