Wednesday, January 9, 2008

From The 'Hood - Old Building

My heart & focus were not in this From The 'Hood walk today. My mind and soul are 1,000% holding the hands of Joe's family. Joe's Dad, Kevin, who was badly injured in the bus crash, is still in the hospital in Utah. The upheaval, on all levels, for family and friends everywhere, has me pacing, sorely wanting CONCRETE WORKS. There aren't any. I don't have the elusive re-wind wand, and I want it! I want it! I want it so badly! Anyway, I just had no resolve, today. I didn't walk very far, I only shot a few more frames than what you see here. An uninspired 'Hood walk, but a few good shots to share. Abandoned, but still tagged for use. Hanging by fragile rusted nails. Adornment for a straggling, struggling small bush. Such thoughtfulness! And what a nice subdued wall color! Icicles of Christmas lights. Lovely! How melancholy this shot feels to me! And who is the soul hanging Christmas lights from the eaves of abandoned buildings? The color! And shutters! Irresistible to me. The masking tape is on the inside of the window glass. I took 8 shots and this is the only one that isn't washed out by camera flash, or bad angle (no flash). My third favorite shot, this walk. I'm pretending this is in the Caribbean somewhere! Eave meets rooftop. Hinges, holding a no-longer-there handrail. What do you see in these shapes? Today's favorite shot: peeling paint on an overhanging eave. Big Daddy? Here's your invitation -- this one! I call this "Determination." A weed, sprouting up from a clod of dirt tucked under an old concrete parking barrier. WHERE is this sturdy little grass plant sending its roots? Unused exterior light fixture, sienna effect. My second favorite shot today. Same light fixture, in black and white MuthaCam effect. Side of old building. Close-up of back wall, behind old building. I want to get behind the fence and paint something on the wall, straight ahead. Cactus with softened edges. But not really, all spines & pricklies present and accounted for!


Veronica said...

I am so glad you have the mutha cam and taking pictures of your life and surroundings. I love looking at these. Love you tons