Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wrangling Indoctrination

Had a rough time yesterday, navigating this American culture's predilection for All Things Under 21. With inverted abdomens. With beauty by add-ons, adjustments and upgrades. With degrees in Intellectual Absentia from the Hallowed Academy of The Vacuous Brain Dome.

Had a rougher time yesterday navigating the American male attitude of entitlement to such above-described female, regardless his vintage, girth or blue book value.

Didn't navigate at all the feast catered by above-described females via putrescent platters of Feeling Obligated to Said Entitlement. Women, in fact, 'of a certain age', but straining toward 'under 21' in appearance & behavior. Found myself wanting to place one of THESE in strategically-located areas of said females' anatomy.
Enough! Basta! Assez! Or is the correct word UNCLE! TIO! ONCLE!
Or please deliver to me the Buddha whose belly I must rub for some relief from this comedy of caricature & disgrace!
Instead, I made my way home in kind of a Red Rum Rage, and when I went to work on a wood-grain contact paper page, the page atop is what emerged. Stencil-carving is wondrous but tedious for a newbie, I have to say. I really had trouble figuring out what part to cut OUT, what part to cut AROUND, etc., to enable the contours and shadings and such. And I absolutely HATED this page until I added the orange dagger-esque stencils. This is an impression of the stencil, in reverse, after I flipped it to blot off some of the paint. Now this I LOVE - just m'lady, all extranneous external nonsense eradicated.


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Veronica said...

so here I am thinking... how didyou do this????? please tell me. how do you cut the stencil and what do you cut it with? I love this

Mercedes said...

I haven ´t done any cut stencil yet. Just used stencil that I bought in a shop for wall paints.

VEronica , there are a tuto that little black kitty did