Thursday, January 24, 2008

Speaking of Hands ... this just in ...

My youngest male child, my hoop-star, my Offensive Reboundin' Gladiator, brought this home tonight. "Bad bounce, Mom."
Kevin's play-by-play description almost caused me to toss the Captain Crunchberries I'd just eaten for dinner. I'll spare you. Let's just say the ball went one way, and Kevin's pinkie went with it. Only it didn't happen to be the same direction the rest of his fingers were going. This digit is broken not once, but twice. Urgent Care Doc called it, 'A Bad Break.' Ya think? This is the face of one Disgusted Offensive Reboundin' Gladiator (a gladiator whose pain pills are starting to kick in). Meanwhile, Kevin's season just ended. Eesh. Blimey. Double SHITE!! He has worked so hard, for so long! Bad bounce, pffft! Where's that *&(&#^$%^ ball? Mama T wants vengeance!!! "Please tell me I'm dreaming."


Veronica said...

Oh poor baby he looks like he is in so much pain. I know he is devastated that he is done for hte season. I feel so sorry for him. Poor mom tossing your crunchberries.... first off crunch berries???? yuck
girl you need some frosted flakes.
love you tons give kevin a big ole hug and kiss from me.

twinsand2boys said...

Poor kid. I feel for him. Hope the pain goes away soon!