Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Not for the Faint of Heart

Follow each phrase below with the word 'Bitch', and you will have a very apt description of my "professional" life. Example: Why the Hell do I Continue to Work Here Bitch? Maids surely get paid better and have more autonomy.

Paper-Towel-Changing __________
Toilet Paper Supply Tracking _________
Coffee Grounds on Counter Cleanup ________
Matter of Fact, Anything At all Spilled on the Counter By Others Cleanup _____
Copy _______
Copy Machine, Fax Machine, and Printer Paper Refilling _________
Copy Machine, Fax Machine, and Printer Toner Refilling _________
[better MY clothes than anyone else's ______]
[Why should anyone else learn to do it when Toni is here ______]
Rinse the Coffee Pots ______
Restock the Plastic Silverware, Paper plates, bowls from handy & easily accessible cupboard supplies _______
Typing ________
Filing _________
Envelope Label Typing _______
Fed Ex Pickup Calling In _________
Somebody Else Got them Dirty But Left them In the Sink Anyway Dish _______
Oh No We're Out of Hand Towels Recovery ________
Find Me The File _____ Now put the File Away _____
Shut OFF the Coffee Pot Even tho' I didn't/never do take the last cup ________
Notice the Coffee is Smelling Burned & The Boss Is commenting on it but won't shut it off so you do it ________
Oh No We Seem to be out of Mayonnaise ________
Rotate The Files in the File Room Annually Even Though They're Heavy as Shit ______
Constantly restock Letterhead, Fax & Mail Transmittals from my supply cuz others raid my supply instead of the boxes in the cupboard _________
Do Any Nasty Lowlife Lazy-Ass Ick Job nobody else wants to do cuz they suffer from either executivitis or the play dumb 'duh i didn't notice syndrome' _______

I hate my job today.


Veronica said...

oh boy, you sure can tell.... I am closing tonight and opening tomorrow so I won't be able to talk to you until Wednesday night... HOpe your day gets better sweetie.
love you tons.