Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Miss Congeniality (10-Min Art)

As long as I'm smiling, sassy, talking, comical, life is good in everybody else's world (specific to work I mean). But let me be quiet, and 12 of the guys will ask, 'Are you pissed off?' ????????????? I've had a lot on my mind lately, including digesting this idea that others' have an ongoing expectation of my behavior, & constantly are interpreting it (I would have said NOBODY pays that close attention to me here). This morning as I sat putting on my makeup, I realized that there is actually a moment some [not all] mornings when I mentally visualize myself taking the Personality Battery off a wee charger beside my eyelash curler & slapping it into my thigh. I don't like to hear 'are you pissed off?' just because I'm in a quiet mood, or a fragile mood, or still half asleep -- but neither do I like explaining, 'Naw, I'm just feeling quiet.' I wonder why I, and most women, are always expected to be "ON". We must all be wearing a Miss Congeniality Sash that only men/others can see.


Veronica said...

Well, this is true. Or you try to do your job without interuptions someone comes in starts talking and you are hello do you not see my desk full of stuff ..... No I am not mad I am working or like recently I just don't freaking feel good. daumn