Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fabulous Post Script

Yesterday, I brought the book in to show Greg, because I wanted him to see the photos in use, to understand how much I love them, that I meant it when I said how much I appreciated him giving them to me. He took it back to his desk, and not too much later he came up and said, 'Very cool! I guess I didn't look through those pictures as closely as I thought, because ...' (he turned to the page holding the photo of my inspirational woman) '... this is my mother!' then he turned to another page of this woman holding a baby that I had pasted in, and added, 'And this is my mom and ME!' I couldn't believe it!
But it makes the picture so much more precious ... as I've said a million times, I totally believe in synchronicity, I believe in the twisted purposefulness of such as 'Greg cleaned out his garage and found old photos and knew Toni liked that kind of ephemera so gave her a bag full and she sorted with GLEE cuz she also knew Veronica loved that kind of ephemera and in the sorting process Toni found this amazing happy smiling photo of a dancing woman and put it up where she could see her when she 'arted' and then Toni read 50,000 articles on altered books and journaling and gazed at her Black and White Inspirational Lady and a few weeks later Toni finally went shopping at Good Will and found a book that seemed to have the same precise mood as her B&W Lady and Toni took the book home and let the Inspirational Lady have first choice of which page to possess and then Toni took the book to work and Greg looked at it and said, "That's my mother!" ' My inspiration lady's name was Vera Pauline "Polly" Canham Mastin. Wow -- Polly -- doesn't that FIT!!!!


Veronica said...

I love Polly and yes it is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait until our Cd's come in and we can do stuff with those.

Oh to be so much closer...... I sit here and think what it would be like to live next door to you.

We would always be together and I can tell you I would never get tired of you. You are my inspiration and my very bestest friend/soulsister/mentor.