Saturday, October 13, 2007

Can You Teach Me to Tart?

I also made this ATC for Veronica. Here is what she wrote on her blog about it:

"Now this one sorta has a history......

You see I can bake and, well, my darling sister that I love more than life....well she can't bake. Bobby my Brother in law loves apple pies, apple tarts, and this card was sorta Toni's way of asking me to show her how to bake. She got Mama's imagination; I got Mama's cooking talent."

[That is NO lie. I'm also one of the few people on the planet who can make beef jerky out of fried chicken ... (that happens when one starts arting in the middle of frying the poultry and forgets about it entirely!)]
BUT! In answer to my question, CAN YOU TEACH ME TO TART? Miss V commented: "Oh, and I got my tart ATC....and yes of course I will teach you to make a tart. You just put lots of lipstick on her, stick a ciggy in her mouth and there you gots yourself a tart."

Har har har har har. THAT I can manage!


Veronica said...

This is so cute. I still can't get over the personal element of this ............
I love it.