Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's Almost Fleece Jacket Season

The arrival of 'autumn' in Phoenix means the season for jackets has arrived. Jackets in Phoenix are, at best, a nearly extinct species. I say 'nearly' because there are those 5 or 6 days when a heavy coat is actually necessary in the early morning hours -- although by 2 p.m. you're usually wishing you were in your skivvies in front of a rotating fan. But! And! There are several days in October and November, then again in March, when the fleece jackets make their appearance.

I LOVE fleece jackets. Not every man is meant to wear one, alas! But thankfully, those who are seem to be the very same men who find their way to the jackets. Oh, bliss! Visually, they make for very nice scenery [the jackets, the men in them] because the jackets' shape seems to skim over just those particular areas that make for my favorite eye candy -- shoulders, the muscles of the back, a strong bicep on an arm. As well, they're cut to sit just above what is, for me, a man's finest hour: the TUSHIE. And, too, the fabric itself is a huge selling point - call it instant curb appeal for any male! What can I say, I'm a tactile wench -- I LOVE texture, especially when my imagination can put the nubbly-soft fabric of a fleece jacket together (in my mind) with the promise of a man's smooth, warm skin beneath.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. [Can you believe a girl can get twisted over a piece of material? Ya never know, ya just never know.] Oh, to burrow against a man wearing a fleece jacket -- makes a girl just wanna rub all over it, purring & arching! [Are you smiling? Are you wearing a fleece jacket yet?] It must be said: what teddy bears are to a 6 year old, fleece jackets are to a woman in her prime [provided she has any sense at all!] Soft but still strong, warm, alluring, welcoming - all this is conjured by a fleece jacket. Secure, but with that hint of an action man somehow hovering just beneath. They're also quite absorbent, perfect for drool catching, the final [& necessary] perk for a Twisted Fleece Jacket Junkie such as myself.