Thursday, October 18, 2007

Continuation Inchies

This past Saturday evening, I 'arted' for about 2½ hours. I had an Ace brochure of paint color samples [the one called PLAYFUL] stuck in my GBC journal, several samples on a page, just about 1" x 1" each .. .I truly meant to stick to the 1" size, but I ended up ... well, let's just say I have dubbed them 'continuation inchies', because a) they ended up overlapping a lot and b) once I got started, I never wanted to stop adding and embellishing. They still look good, and gawd was it relaxing. I had gone to Michael's and bought a boatload of stickers just for this project, but I really didn't end up using that many of them. Things sort of hinted at what came next, & I found myself using quite a few of my scraps & bits, already on-hand. [I'm glad I save all of that!]
I've decided that due to the fact that I have a dad, 3 brothers, 5 uncles, 4 male cousins, a husband, 2 sons, and 2 nephews, plus I've worked in the male-dominated construction industry for 25 years, that my use of the Penis Ruler has become automatic. You know the one: LEGEND: 1" = 3" (conservative estimate = not necessarily to scale) -- so my not being able to stick to 1" x 1" has a ready excuse


Veronica said...

oh this is so cool. I really like what you did with the paint chips. wow, see I thing inches are too small for me but girl you nailed it. This really is cool.