Saturday, October 6, 2007


I am frozen from my studio, IN my studio. In reading others' blogs, I realize this hits every artist, but it is truly frightening when it happens. I wrote to Miss V that I put every project in my studio, half-started, or waiting to be started, in a suitcase in the hopes that having all my surfaces cleaned off would also clear my head. NOT! Instead, I have all these new gadgets and supplies staring at me -- a new, small light table for stenciling (I SUCK at stenciling), crackle paste (which I have made some attempts with, but I'll be hanged if anything will crackle), 2 new colors of glaze I found at Ace Hardware (cheaper than Golden), a slide mount punch and a flower punch, 2 new journals including the Highballs High Heels journal I've already featured. I go in my studio and can't 'light' on anything. I hear the voices of all my projects a'hollerin' at me. I see 50 million potential projects in my head, things I want to try, new papers, cool rub-ons, empty journal pages waiting for words. ACK ACK ACK ACK ACK!!!!!! So I sit and brush Zoe and if I do anything 'artish' at all, I diddle around. Well, ok, I DID get to some new techniques on Thursday night, attempts straight out of this unbelievably GREAT BOOK I found at Joann's last week, and have read through 5 times already. I've learned more techniques from this book than every magazine/book I've had to-date. My first attempt was with a leafing pen resist technique, and ohmigod! The piece came together like breathing. And I embellished it very cleanly, simply, with a white square tile that says, 'fall' and 2 images from a collage sheet -- 2 vintage-dressed women walking on a beach at sunset, and a transparency, mini, that gives the definition of 'mystery', a piece of mica stamped with a leaf and some text in a white shimmer ink beneath those and adhered to the base with eyelets. I didn't scan it because I mailed it to Veronica -- she is solely responsible for me attempting ATC's in ANY way, and so I wanted her to have the very first one I've ever made. I mailed it off to her Friday. She can have the honor of posting it on her blog if'n she likes it.

So meanwhile, what do I do first? You see that instead of starting anything, I'm sitting here at my blog procrastinating. Since I haven't done a blog post in a few days, I have managed to convince myself that I'm accomplishing something! (ha!)


Veronica said...

Of course I will post it and you must take it and post back on your blog. I can't wait to get it I am so excited I hope it comes oh shoot never mind it will be here when I get back on Thursday. Actually I find that when I am in a funk I have all my stuff around me and then I get inspired. Of course I also get inspired everytime I look at all the wonderful things you have made me. YOU ARE MY INspriation
love you tothe moon.