Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Luz-inator

My older bro', Bobby, AKA Bobfather, has of late been on fire for a beautiful senorita name o' Luz. A while back, I promised I'd make her a card if he would find out her favorite colors, or something she loves, etc. Last night, I sat down at my studio desk with: 'purple, black, red, & she loves music.' [Confession: actually, Bobfather slipped me this info some time ago, but the color combo kinda didn't want to enter my brain at the time.] With no plan, no sketch, no flippin' idea what was going to happen, I set to work, listening to a homegrown CD from Alicia of her favorite Latin/Mexican tunes. Here are the results ... I really really like this! Of course I have sent the scans via email to Bobfather for his approval.