Saturday, October 13, 2007

Product Perfection

This product idea came directly from the book Artist Trading Card Workshop [thanks to author Bernie Berlin]. It's a can full of wadded up, chemically treated stinky stuff, and when I rub it on a page with unwanted text, or on an area of a magazine cutout where I'd rather journal than see the image, VOILA! The unwanted print goes away. I've been using it like mad in my Highballs High Heels journal because once it dries, I can write on the surface with a standard ink pen. Prior to this, I've been painting over unwanted areas with acrylic paint, or gesso, and then I have to dig up special pens when I want to write. I don't have a lot of those, and I prefer a medium point Bic ballpoint for journaling at any rate. Downside: STINK!!! The odor of the chemicals lingers in/on the pages, and it takes an act of God to rinse the stuff (the smell anyway) from my fingertips. If they can just invent a gardenia-scented Nevr Dull, I will buy in the largest size container! Highly recommended: rubber gloves!! And use it outdoors so the stink blows off. I also ended up wearing a mask, because I was 'erasing' so much on so many pages.


Veronica said...

ah ha...... so that is what it is...okay where do i get it and in what department do I find it? Gotta have it.

Toni said...

Woman, you need to slow down and READ what I email you, cuz I told ya: Ace or Home Depot. You can just ask your trusty aisle guy in the orange shirt and he'll get you to it.


Veronica said...

hahahaha what is ACE???? Home Depot oh my gosh that place scares me. Okay I have a kid that works part time for me who also works at home depot I will have him get it for me. I hate going into HD totally overwhelming..... but if michaels, joannes or acmoore was that big I would be in hog heaven.